Wetlands and Water Sensitive Urban Developments

Activeco works closely with catchment management authorities, local government and community groups to protect the long term health of our creeks and waterways.  Wetlands are a critical part of our natural environment.  Rivers, creeks, gullies and Water Sensitive Urban Developments contain a wide diversity of life, supporting plants and animals that are found nowhere else.

Constructed wetlands play a vital role in reducing the environmental impacts of catchment urbanisation. They also provide important habitats for wildlife, provide recreational places for the local community, and promote environmental awareness.

Bushland restoration works around waterways in urban areas requires an integrated approach. The approach must involve bush regeneration principles, water sensitive design and storm water management to effectively enhance the aquatic and riparian vegetation, and consider ways to manage storm water flow regimes, and public use of the site.

Using an integrated approach will achieve the following:

  • Removal of weeds will improve water retention and site amenity
  • Improve bushland biodiversity
  • Stabilize storm water inlets through weed removal, plantings and natural succession
  • Increase aesthetic appeal

Maintenance generally involves erosion and sediment control plans to ensure the integrity of banks with removal of weed species, revegetation and infill planting.

Wetlands developments