Activeco is a company founded by a team who pride themselves on taking an active role in creating and preserving boundless aspects of our surrounding environment. From pristine natural areas to functional urban applications, our expertise is comprehensive. The direction of Activeco, in the face of our wide scope of capability, shall nevertheless remain continually orientated toward the benefit of our communities.

Such a commitment requires that we draw our values from principles of sustainability, environmental responsibility and ethically sound business practices. Each member of Activeco strives towards such values throughout every step in delivering our services. Engaging with clients in both the public and private sectors creating results benefitting communities from the present to the future.

Activeco members share a diverse range of skills, education and experience. This breadth of knowledge allows us to direct our expertise towards a range of professional services throughout many disciplines of environmental management.
Activeco has long-standing involvement and ongoing contracts with several local governments, private sector asset owners and volunteer community groups providing regeneration and restoration of natural vegetation areas and ecological planning and assessment.

Activeco manage sites ranging in location throughout Southeast Queensland from coastal foreshores to hinterland and montane areas. Given this wide distribution of sites with extreme variation in vegetation types, communities and species, innovative thinking and broad knowledge is necessary. Every site is treated and managed based on its own merits and we have a proven ability to provide exceptional restoration and rehabilitation.

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