Foreshore and dune areas are critical for the protection of our beaches, providing a ‘buffer zone’ that reduces the impact of fluctuations of the shoreline and erosion by the sea.

Activeco has been engaged with Gold Coast City Council and various community groups for the past three years managing a number of foreshores from Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta to Federation Walk Coastal Reserve, Southport.

Rehabilitation of coastal dunes within urban areas requires a unique management approach. Native species need to be sustained and established to improve the resilience of dune areas to erosion. Restoration work has focussed on promoting dune stabilisation and natural environmental quality, whilst at the same time not impeding on the public usage of the beach.

The dunes contain a delicate ecosystem.  With revegetation works, the stability and promotion of dune vegetation will enhance the abundance of existing flora species.  Despite lacking a canopy layer, the dune vegetation can provide habitat and source of food for local and migratory fauna species. The dunes also provide a corridor for insects, reptile and bird species.

Participation by local community in the management of foreshores and dune rehabilitation projects is an integral component of many successful projects.  The benefits of community involvement  include; a pool of existing site knowledge; willingness to participate; long term monitoring opportunities; assistance in securing external funding; and increased awareness of the conservation and cultural values of areas of native vegetation.

Come along to a community day in your area, volunteers of all ages are welcome.  Remember to wear enclosed shoes, a hat and sunscreen. All equipment and light refreshments are provided.

Together we can help care for our beautiful beaches.

BeachCare Community Volunteer Programme



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